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One of the reputed pet insurance agencies in the USA goes by the name, Pets Best Insurance. Recently, it released new data which indicates that many of its clients file their pet insurance claims on a yearly basis. This process helps them save a lot of money. Read on to know more about the best pet insurance policies and options.

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Dr. Jack Stephens, President and Founder of Pets Best Insurance, says,” Just like humans, animals can experience a variety of health problems throughout the year. Our clients often file claims very quickly after enrolling their pets, yet there are still many people unaware that pet insurance often serves as a simpler and more affordable method of paying for veterinary coverage than simply trying to save money for unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.”

It has been reported in Pets Best that in 2012, pet owners filed complaints on behalf of almost 50 per cent of all pet owners insured by means of the agency. Of the pets taken into consideration, Pets Best got an average of 4.75 claims per pet in the year 2012. All through the year, pet owners have filed claims requesting an average of $1,717 for the entire year.

Health Conditions

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There are numerous health conditions, which are fairly common, having the potential to generate more claims that are expensive. To treat these, it will do you well to be equipped with the best pet insurance policy. That will prove helpful should your pets meet with cruciate ligament injuries or cancer. In the case of pets that received cancer treatment in 2012, pet owners have gone ahead and requested an average of around $2,155 annually. The average amount that has to be paid for each dog amounts to around $2,340 when it comes to treating cruciate ligament injuries.

Stacy Lowrance happens to be a resident of California, having two Corgis. She depends on Pets Best Insurance ever since she chose to enroll her dogs way back in 2008. It is said that Pets Best reimburses around 100 per cent of claims on the basis of the existing coverage plans. Various pet insurance plans are offered by the company. That includes Feline Illness Only plans and Cancer Only plans. Plans for numerous other illnesses and accidents are also included.

According to Stephans,”Paying for veterinary care can be very stressful if pet owners are unprepared. This data serves to show that many of our clients are successfully filing claims to help pay for their pets’ care”.

Choosing the best pet insurance policy for your beloved pets is the best way to ensure that they get good quality health care at all times.